Orcus Moon

Artist conception of Orcus and Vanth

, officially named Orcus l, is the single known natural satellite of the plutino and likely dwarf planet Orcus. It was discovered by Mike Brown and T.A. Suer using discovery images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope on November 13, 2005. The discovery was announced on 22 February 2007 in IAUC 8812. "Vanth orbits Orcus in a tight precise circle", with a period of approximately 10 days. Brown suspects that, like Pluto and Charon, Orcus and Vanth are tidally lockedVanth was issued a provisional designation, S/2005 (90482) 1. On March 23, 2009, Brown asked readers of his weekly column to suggest possible names for the satellite, with the best one to be submitted to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) on April 5. The name Vanth, the winged Etruscan psychopomp who guides the souls of the dead to the underworld, was chosen from among a large pool of submissions. Vanth was the only suggestion that was purely Etruscan in origin. It was the most popular submission, first suggested by Sonya Taaffe. This submission was assessed and approved by the IAU's Committee for Small Body Nomenclature in their March 30, 2010 circular. Vanth would be very difficult to terraform. We would have to build extra heating technology on Mars after it is terraformed. We would have to send two test probes to it first. We would have to pass Jupiter. The Probes would then be surviving Saturn's magneticfield. The Probes would also be giving resources to the major saturnian satellites like planet growth. The two probes would work like magnets and stick to each other. The Probes would then travel to Uranus and Neptune and give them resources. We would then reach to Orcus and Vanth. Orcus is not yet terraformeed. Vanth will be easser because Vanth is only 1/3 of the size of Orcus. Vanth would have a small heating core at the center. Vanth will be terraformed similar to Proteus but Vanth will have a even large circular heating mirror covering the upper part of Vanth. Vanth would now be covered with a large haze similar to Earth. Then rain would start on its surface what would warm up the surface, creating warm oceans and cold terrain, and the upper Atmosphere of Vanth will now be a lot warmer than the bottom part. We would then need to send resources to Vanth's upper Atmosphere. The resources would then enter the lower part of the Atmosphere and terraform it to have a medium temperature. Vanth will be a good place to start a new civilization. Orcus would be terraformed much different of Vanth.