Terraformed Titania

Artist's conception of what Titania might look like Terraformed

Titania is the largest moon of Uranus and ninth largest in the Solar System. Titania's orbit is well within Uranus' magnetosphere. Its compostion is mainly solid rock and ice; surface features include craters, canyons, and scarps. An atmosphere may form naturally with the seasons when frozen carbon dioxide on the surface sublimates. It may possess a liquid ocean of water between its icy mantle and rocky core if large quantities of ammonia are present.

Terraforming ProcessEdit


Another possible rendition of a terraformed Titania

Terraforming or colonizing the icy moon and building a post/control center on it could be important to the terraformation of the trans-Neptunian dwarf planets. The process to warm up and melt the oceans of Titania would be very similar to how Oberon would be terraformed. Also like Oberon, the moon might need to have its orbit around Uranus changed to cease its extreme seasonal cycles, which would complicate the stabilization of temperature and atmosphere.

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