Kepler-62 f

Artist Conception of Kepler-62f (Image Credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech

Kepler-62 f is a super-Earth exoplanet in orbit around the star Kepler-62, the outermost of five such planets disovered by NASA's Kepler spacecraft. Kepler-62f is most likely a terrestrial planet within the outer part of its host star's habitable zone. It has an estimated radius of 1.41 Earth radii, and a mass 2.8 times Earth 's. The exoplanet only recieves about 41% the light energy Earth does (compared to Mars' 43%), so is classified as a psychroplanet.


Because Kepler-62f may have a substantial amount of water on its surface and crust (possibly frozen), greenhouse gases to melt this water would be used. If more heat is needed, orbiting solar mirrors will be put up. After its warms up, it may or may not need artificial landmasses (depending on the amount of water currently present). It's size and, most likely, silicate-iron composition would give it an adequate magnetosphere, and slightly more suface gravity than Earth.

The only big issue would be, getting there (Kepler-62f is 1,200 light years away).

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