HD 85512

HD 85512 b

HD 85512 b is an extrasolar planet orbiting Gliese 370, a K-Type or "orange dwarf" star, approximately 36 light-years distance from Earth in the constellation of Vela (the Sail).

Due to its mass of at least 3.6 times the mass of Earth, HD 85512 b is classified as a super-Earth and is one of the smallest exoplanets discovered to be on the edge of the habitable zone. HD 85512 b, along with Gliese 581 d is considered to be one of the best candidates for habitability as of August 30, 2011.

Terraforming Edit

If the planet is Venus-like, then terraforming would be done similiarly by reversing the runaway greenhouse effect and changing its atmospheric composition. The planet recieves about 1.86 times the solar flux that Earth recieves (compared to Venus' 1.92). Sources also indicate, that if its albedo is higher than ~0.5, with 50% cloud cover and an Earth-like atmosphere, liquid water could exist on its surface (so relatively easy terraforming).

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