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Actinobiology - A scientific study on the effects of radioactivity on organisms.

Astronomy - Science that examines celestial bodies and cosmos.

Astrobiology - The study of the origin and possible presence of life outside of Earth (contains Xenobiology)

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Biogeography - The study that investigates the spatial relationships of plants and animals.

Biology - The study of life

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Cartography - The technique of making maps.

Climatology - Studies about the effects of weather on life and examines the circulation of the atmosphere over longer time spans.

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Dyson Tree - It is a hypothetical, yet to be genetically modified plant that can house people in its internal environment. It is likened to greenhouses.

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Ecology - The scientific study of the interactions between organisms and their environment.

Ecohydrology - Scientific study fn the interactions between organisms and the water cycle.

Ecophysiology - The relatively wide study on how organisms function in response to changes in its immediate enviorment.

Exobiology - The study of how life originated, evolved, distributed, and its ultimate fate in the universe (contains Astrobiology)

Exogeology - The study of Geology on worlds instead of Earth.

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Geomorphology - The study of various landforms on the Earth's surface.

Geology -The study of the Earth's surface and subsurface, and the processes that create and modify it.

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Heliology - The study of the sun

Hydrology - The study of water in all its forms.

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Io - One of Jupiter's most inner moons

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Meteorology - The study of the circulation of the atmosphere over short time spans.

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Nanotechnology- The study of machines which operate at the molecular level.

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Oceanography - Science of the biology, chemistry, physics, and geology of oceans. 

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Pedology - The study of soils.

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Xenobiology - The theoretical future (or covert) study of extraterrestrial organisms

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