Gliese 581 is a red has six or more planets circling it. Gliese 581 has at least two earth like objects circling it. There is only one problem. The solar system is to far with current technolgy.It is 20.22 light years away from earth.By space ship it would take 120 trillion miles to get there and it could take over 400,000 years to terraform one of the Gliese 581 planets.We can help the time of terrafroming Gliese 581 by a process that is call bending space.Bending space is process that works like magnets that combine together.By this process Gliese 581 will start to head twards us. This process could make the sun a binary system with Gliese 581 orbiting side ways.The six or more planets around Gliese 581 might not leave the system.Gliese 581 will need to be the right speed. If it is too fast then the planets might leave the system.The systems wave will need to be large enough to have a large effect on Gliese 581 and planets circling it.This could also save when terraforming the end of the solar system. Some of gliese 581 heat could get to the planets that is beyond Sedna.Gliese 581 would need to orbit at least four times firther than Neptune.Sedna is to small to become a actural planet.It could become one of the moons of one of the planets of With current technology we could start building machine in the solar system to start binding space and also saving time.The humans could in the mid future of year 2500 bring Gliese 581 to our solar system.By year 2700 humans could live in a different star system.The humans could even save the Universe from ending a Quadrillion years from now.