Proteus as seen by Voyager 2 spacecraft

is a moon of Neptune.It is the second largest Neptunian moon, and Neptune's largest inner satellite. Discovered by Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989, it is named after Proteus, the shape-changing sea god of Greek mythology. Proteus circles Neptune in a nearly equatorial orbit at the distance of about 4.75 equatorial radii of the planet. Despite being more than 400 km in diameter Proteus has a somewhat irregular shape with several slightly concave facets and relief as high as 20 km. Its surface is dark, neutral in color and heavily cratered. The largest crater is more than 200 km in diameter. There are also a number of scarps, grooves and valleys related to large craters. Proteus has not shape itself yet. So we are going to shape Proteus into a sphere shape like mimas.Proteus would be very difficult to terraform.We would have to put an heating source on one side of Proteus. We can tell that Proteus should be a cold moon or a warmer moon by puting 2 heating probes and circular mirror pattern on the northern hemisphere of Proteus will now shape itself in to an sphere shape. The bottom part of Proteus will now be terraformed into a volcanic atmosphere simular to Venus. This can also start to turn to the right temperature also creating a surface similar to Earth's.

A paraterraformed Proteus.

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