52 Europa is one of the larger asteroids in the asteroid belt, having a diameter of 300 km. It was discovered on February 4, 1858, by Hermann Goldschmidt from his balcony in Paris. It is named after Europa, one of Zeus's conquests in Greek mythology, a name it shares with Jupiter's moon Europa. 52 Europa is large enough to be terraformed into a earth like Asteroid. 52 Europa is Slightly smaller than planet Haumea's  moon Hi'aka. 52 Europa will have a easy terraforming process. 52 Europa is inside the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. 52 Europa can be terraformed by reheating smaller asteroids and creating a heating probe that will melt into the asteroid. Parcial of the small asteroids will circle around and creating the Atmosphere around the entire surface of 52 Europa. 52 Europa will be a good Civilization for humans and other species like sea creatures. It would be a great mixure of Enceledus and Umbriel's surface.

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